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An organization whose aim is to collect donations from supporters of number theory and to disburse these donations to encourage research, purchase computing equipment con...
Listed under: Number Theory 03: Mathematical Logic And Foundations
From The Mathematical Atlas, a resource of mathematics maintained by David Rusin. Extensive resources related to logic and set theory.
Listed under: Logic and Foundations Euclid And His Heritage: Conference At Oxford University
A conference on the occasion of the publication, for the first time, of a complete digital edition of the oldest surviving manuscript of Euclid's Elements. St. Catherine'...
Listed under: History Front: Math.Ho History And Overview
Front for the Mathematics Arxiv of eprints section HO: biographies, philosophy of mathematics, mathematics education, recreational mathematics, communication of mathemati...
Listed under: History Clay Research Conference
Annual meeeting of the Clay Mathematics Institute, at which the Clay Research Award is given.
Listed under: Events Advanced Training Schools In Mathematics Schools
Organised by the National Board for Higher Mathematics, India.
Listed under: Events Department Of Mathematics: Career Information
Information for job seekers compiled by Prof. Richard Penney at Purdue University Department of Mathematics.
Listed under: Employment Psu Mathematics Department - Mathematics Web Sites
Popular directory of math web sites. At Penn State.
Listed under: Directories Electronic Sources For Mathematics
A list maintained at U Penn.
Listed under: Directories Mathematics Department - Princeton University - ...
Professor Mathematical Physics 347 Jadwin Hall
Listed under: Directories Sturm-Liouville Theory
Sturm-Liouville Theory
Listed under: Differential Equations Navier-Stokes Type Equations
Explicit solutions provided for this particular type of equation and their relations to the heat equation, Burger's equation, and Euler's equation.
Keywords: burger's_equation, explicit_solutions_provided, fluid_mechanics, heat_equation, incompressible_fluid, navier_stokes_equation
Listed under: Differential Equations The Math Forum @ Drexel University
The Math Forum is the comprehensive resource for math education on the Internet. Some features include a K-12 math expert help service, an extensive database of mat...
Keywords: algebra, area, calculus, curriculum, education, geometry, help, homework, math, mathematics, perimeter, trig, trigonometry, volume
Listed under: Chats and Forums Boardgameplayer.Com
Plays card and board games. Includes a news archive
Keywords: algebra, classes, got, linear, logic, math, mathematics, matrix, probability, proofs, school, test, time, ucf, week
Listed under: Game Play Groups Ars Mathematica
News and discussions on the mathematical arts.
Listed under: Chats and Forums

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