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Art covers a wide range of activities. It is an act where we express or imitate something though matter, image or sound. Art is a recompilation of work, style and artistic movements. Art is a virtue to do something good and our art is to design a complete directory where you will find a limitless variety of various artistic forms of traditional and modern art.

Ranging from sculptures to paintings, art history and art galleries, body-art which includes dance and theater along with music and videos.Art history can be dated back to the very beginning of man's existence, since prehistory where men would reproduce animal shapes with caves drawings managing to represent their movements, body mass and shape. That is how art began, always trying to show their art just as their eyes would see it. Art has developed based on the conditions of every period and culture with the progress and knowledge of tools and techniques used by artists. Drawing techniques are diverse and have changed over time, in general the most used are with pencil, Indian ink or sepia, pastel, charcoal and oil painting.

Prehistoric man would draw on their walls using silica scrapers, nails and pins. Painting were originally drawn with their fingers, later on using brushes made out of feathers or chipped wood.Egyptian painting has an innate artistic sensitivity it's a good way to convey a aesthetic message, creating an atmosphere laden with religiousness, in it you observe the purity and harmony of forms and a wide range colors that make it attractive, magical, natural and contemplative.Greek art is characterized by its aesthetic idealism, proportionality, balance of elements and their interest reflect the genuine expression in the human figure.Roman art was considered varied, flexible and in some aspects closer to Modern art. The greatest achievements are represented in their architecture development. Major forms of Roman art are architecture, painting, sculpture and mosaic work. Art of the Middle Age was very religious which were divided in four different art styles starting with the Paleochristian, whose painting began in the catacombs and is full of symbolism. Then comes the Byzantine Art where artists did excellent mosaics focused on the representation of biblical events.

Roman Art was commissioned to decorate the interior of many basilicas and churches. Mostly figures of angels, saints, apostles and lambs, also known for their paintings on wood and many Bible and Gospels illustrations. Finally, there is Gothic Art whose paintings were expressive and realistic expressing their naturalism in their compositions. Renaissance began as a movement driven by artists and intellectuals in Italy. It was a revival from an ethical and aesthetic point of view from the bonds of Christian life. What began as a mere artistic society, later became the birth of what we now see in our art world, not only did it greatly influence great art masters such as Michael Angelo and da Vinci it also became evident in their art work, sculptures, poesy and life.

Art is not only a part of visual displays but includes a great many aspects including performing art and music. Which again can be divided in many subcategories: the art world is so deep and varied, having opera, theatre and contextual art belonging to a whole other sphere which the last centuries have brought including rock music, modern and contemporary art along with street rap dance-offs, all belonging to the whole concept of art. Unveil the wonderful world of arts. Get the greatest and latest about art history, art galleries, events, and performing arts. Arts education, photography, sculptures, visual arts and much more.

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