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Chemical companies have long been evolved in disputes, civil suits, among other common complaints. However it would be hard to count how many things in our basic surrounding which either contained or manufactured by basic chemical components, including clothing, automotive industry, cosmetics and even food. Chemical companies are essential to manufacturing at a whole scale level for basic daily products.

A Brief History of Chemicals

Chemicals are at the heart of the modern industrialized society. Chemicals are basically substances that may be found in nature but which are created in laboratories. Just by a quick look around, everything in our life is made of chemicals, as they are those that control pests, those that protect our health, cloth us and even feed us. Chemicals have become an important part of our daily lives as they are contained by products that we normally use, on a daily basis, products that we are so used to that we do not even ask ourselves what they are made of. For example, who has ever wondered what drugs are made of and why would anyone do so when it is widely accepted that drugs protect or cure us from illnesses. Chemicals are also found in so many products that people use in their homes, for their businesses or in industry.The effect of chemicals on the environment or human health is debatable. While some would say that they present little or no danger at all for both the environment and human health is used according to the indications, others are convinced that chemicals do harm the environment and people’s health. But where did everything get started?

The chemical industry grew out of mechanical engineering in the last decades of the 19th century. The reason why chemical industry and chemicals seemed so much more interesting was the need for chemical processors. Chemicals used to be produced through a batch processing, meaning that specialists would mix the ingredients into a vessel and then heat it and/or pressurize it. The product was going to be tested and purified so the final product was obtained. The Industrial Revolution has brought considerable changes in the process of chemicals making. Starting with the 18th century, and until today, chemicals are produced through a more complex and continuous chemical process which resembles an assembly line. But batch processing is still used in making expensive chemicals such as perfumes. By comparing the two ways of producing chemicals, it is obvious that the batch processing was both slow and inefficient so the current process of producing chemicals appeared out of the need for improvement. Chemical industry and the general interest for it have been connected to various factors. For examples, the growth of textile industry caused a sudden increase in this type of industry. The natural bleaching techniques were depending on variable factors such as sunlight or rain, and thus new methods to bleach textile were needed. As a result of many years of research, a new method of mass producing sulfuric acid was invented by John Roebuck. The acid was very effective in bleaching but not only. This invention was also used in the further production of more effective bleaches and of bleaching powders. And all these inventions were made in the late 18th century. These are only few examples on how chemicals started to become such an important part of our daily lives, not to mention all the other domains and industries in which chemicals are used in order to make life simpler.

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