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There are several variations in kinesiology. All use muscle testing, and muscle-testing is used throughout the treatment. 'HK' health kinesiology, in particular includes, a vast array of psychological and emotional work as well as the traditional muscle testing for diet, nutritional supplements, food and environmental sensitivities, as well as for detoxifying, and supporting the body against electromagnetic disturbance e.g. from mobile phones. Kinesiology was developed from chiropractic muscle movement when the link between organs and strength of different muscles was made. This was combined with acupressure on the acupoints along the meridians -from Traditional Chinese Medicine. Kinesiology is different to other complementary therapies that use acupressure due to their unique 'muscle-testing' method. This was developed from the chiropractic observations where stress and weaknesses and strengths in a person can be picked up from individual muscles

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