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The pressure cooker is a sealed container for cooking that does not permit the exit of air or fluid under a set pressure. Because the boiling point of water increases with increasing pressure, the pressure inside the cooker allows you to raise the boiling temperature above 100 ? C (212 ? F), namely to about 130 ? C. The higher temperature causes the food to cook faster divided reaching traditional cooking times three or four. For example, a cabbage is cooked in one minute, five green beans, potatoes, small and medium (up to 200 g) may take about five minutes and a full chicken no more than twenty-five. Usually used to get in a short period of time the same effects or stew simmering.

A valve releases the steam when the pressure reaches the set limit, normally closed pressure capped allowing steam to escape. There is a safety valve set at a pressure higher than the performance. If the internal temperature (and therefore the pressure) is too high, operate this valve, letting the pressure. It is not uncommon to happen because certain foods have leaves that can clog the outlet valve.

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