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Details methods, tricks and tips to paint cars. Information presented in blog format as a free online course. Car Paint
The surface of a car must be prepared just as thoroughly for a color sanding as it must be for a paint job, a clear coat, and so on. Body Collision
Collision repair can often be carried out at home, or by a knowledgeable auto repair enthusiast, as long as the frame is not involved. Paint Cars
Details methods, tricks & tips to paint cars. Information presented in blog format as a free online course. Spray Paint Car
Setting up and using a spray gun involves basic knowledge of how the device works, so that it is possible to judge when it is working correctly, and to determine what kind of air cap and other accessories you need. How To Paint Car
Removing the paint from a car with stripper chemical is a lengthy process, and not one that should be undertaken in the expectation that it will completed in an hour or two with practically no effort. Auto Body Repair
Modern plastic fillers have much to recommend them if they are used in moderation and with a proper appreciation of the fact that they should be used in only a very thin coating. Auto Body Shops
Several other ways of creating templates and models of the needed sheet metal are available, besides using the patch itself as a template and reworking it carefully to make sure it matches the existing contour of the vehicle panel.

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Sensible, professional and convenient auto detailing in Indianapolis for all makes and models of cars, minivans, SUVs and trucks. 100% satisfaction guarantee, pickup and ...
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