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You might instead that man has domesticated the dog voluntarily, dogs have adapted to live spontaneously with men. This is because they live with the man advantage is. A dog living with a man, even in antiquity, could eat with less effort than a savage; could live better and enjoy human affection.The dog is a domestic subspecies of the gray wolf, according to the comparison of genetic maps for both species. [7] The oldest fossil evidence of a domesticated dog was found in 2008 in the Goyet Cave in Belgium, corresponding to approximately 31,700 years and apparently associated with the Aurignacian culture. [8] Until then, the oldest evidence had been found in Russia, belonging to 14,000 years ago (Eliseevich). The man managed to domesticate a wolf copies, it is highly probable that the dog has been the first domesticated animal. The dog was useful as an aid in the hunt and to defend the group and their home. Gradually, people adapted to their needs, creating different races for different tasks, and environmental and geographical conditions.The man was quick to see the finest senses of smell and hearing that he had the dog, his nose is more powerful than the human (the olfactory area is 20 times thicker, and in the case of the German Shepherd with a size (volume ) 34 times larger and 40 times more olfactory cells) and the ear can perceive sounds well below and above the human hearing range. Advantage that it increases its usefulness for hunting and guard duties. Its use as a shepherd and protector of the flocks is quite posterior pair going to domestication and exploitation of other animals. Social animal, living in groups ranked well, adapted to living with humans.Dogs are highly valued for their help in hunting. The dogs were buried in the cemetery of Mesolithic Svaerdborg in Denmark show that in ancient Europe, and were a valuable company.Dogs have always accompanied men in their process to civilization, and their presence is tested in all cultures of the world, and in the stage pre-Inca in Peru, the Mochica were using them as an aid in hunting and as pets at home. At the burial of the Lord of Sipan was found inside the graves the remains of a dog that will be used in hunting, because the skull was fully developed their molars. The skull and teeth of the domestic dog have decreased in size in relation to the wolf does not need to kill large prey. Likewise, going from a meat diet to one consisting of waste products from food to humans, they developed smaller brains that require fewer calories and less protein for growth and sustenance. The perception of the dog by the man has changed and varies across cultures, ethnic groups in several American prior to 1492, as still happens in parts of East Asia, the dogs were used directly as food in parts of the Middle East the dog has been associated with the appearance of jackals (indeed scientific thought until the development of genetics in the late twentieth century that dog common around the world were descended from jackals) and the animals mainly be jackals scavenging dogs have also been considered impure in that area. Perhaps the only kind of dog that is not descended from the wolf is the dog that would drop the fueguian culpeo.

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