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Science is designed to discover and research information about the world and what surrounds us. It‘s knowledge and information to explain how things work.
Science has come along the last decades, including medicine, agriculture development, through the much debated gene therapy, energy, nuclear energy. In the 70’s it was considered not just dangerous, but to unstable to be fully developed. Now it is growing in developed and developing countries alike with the UN trying to control research and expansion which has not always been productive. It is impossible to fully control research and development in Science. Solar energy has been made more effective and geo-thermal power has come to replace other form of traditional local energy production making it less expensive and more popular.

Stem cell research has been a much debatable subject with strong support from the private sector and many restrictions and regulations from the government.
The medical sector has grown to the private sector, while there’s still no certain cure to cancer, there are many ways of preventing it and thanks to scientific research ways to treat it with a higher success rate. A much studied strain such as HIV has come somewhat closer to being solved, but not substantially so. There are many post treatments, however not many pre-treatments. So far the cocktails used to control HIV patients have successfully extended any or all life expectancy of all HIV patients.

Science is all about research, knowledge, examining, testing and verifying. All this to help us understand and explain how the world and everything in it works.

Explore our guide and we will help you explore the world and universe. Find information on astronomy, chemistry, earth science, math, physics, social science and much more! And if that is not enough, we also have information on science conferences, articles, online science books, research services and much more.

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