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Peru is a country located in South America known for its varied geography and their exquisite cuisine. Peru is divided into three geographical natural regions which are the coastal region, jungle and highlands, therefore having very diverse climates. Peru has about 28 million inhabitants combined of different groups making this country a multi-ethnic nation. Throughout its history, Peru has been the meeting point of different races and cultures. It's primary language is Spanish. Over the past years, Peru has become a well known country for tourism offering multiple options to enjoy, being a country known for it's history, culture and nature, all this making it possible to offer unique destinations. You can choose Lima, capital of Peru, where you can see valuable works of colonial architecture, many interesting museums and important pre-Columbian ruins.
Arequipa known as the second largest city of Peru and called the white city because its cathedral, colonial mansions and temples where built out of a type of volcanic stone. Tambopata Natural Reserve reaching an area over 1 million acres of wildlife, Puno and Lake Titicaca, Nazca lines, Iquitos and the Amazon River, Trujillo, among many others destionations to choose from. But lets not forget one of the most important places to visit in Peru and that is Machu Pichu meaning Center of the World, located in Cusco, and with great pride to all Peruvians, voted as one of the seven wonders of the world and most important archaeological sites in the world, as well as a mystical place.
Peruvian cuisine has also been noticed globally. The variety of ingredients and the creativity to mix up everything and invent a wonderful plate has Peruvian food in the spotlight and considered one of the most diverse in the world.

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