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NOVA Online presents Runaway Universe
Keywords: astronomy, cosmic, cosomology, expand, expanding, inflation, inflationary, runaway, supernova, supernovae, universe
Listed under: Cosmology Stargazer Planetariums
Stargazer Planetariums make custom-built inflatable domes for mobile planetarium shows and other uses.
Keywords: art, astronomy, dome, domes, marketing, mobile, negative, planetariums, pressure, promotional, schools, space, stargazer, theatrical
Listed under: Business Observatory Dome Telescope Dome Structure ...
Observa-DOME Laboratories Inc. Located In Mississippi, Manufacturer Of Observatory Telescope Domes, Missile Tracking, Laser Ranging Shelters, For Educational Facilities,...
Keywords: astronomical, astronomical dome, astronomical dome shelter, astronomy, observatory, observatory, observatory domes, telescope
Listed under: Business Megalithic Sites In Ireland; Astronomy;Future ...
Comprehensive Astronomical analysis of Irish Megalithic sites.
Keywords: alignment, altitude, archaeology, astronomy, azimuth, cairn, declination, megalithic, mound, neolithic, right ascension, stone
Listed under: Archaeoastronomy Astronomy Boy: Amateur Astronomy
Resources and Tutorials for Amateur Astronomers. CG-5 mount improvements. Barn door tracker. SAA 100 Deep Sky List. Constellation portraits. Animated equatorial mount tut...
Keywords: amateur astronomy, astronomy boy, barn door tracker, barndoor, celestron, cg5, cg-5, gp, haig, mount, scotch, vixen
Listed under: Amateur 365 Days Of Astronomy
An astronomy podcast every day, all year
Listed under: Amateur Meta Research (Innovative Astronomy Research)
Meta Research researches promising but unpopular alternative ideas in astronomy. Ex: speed of gravity, exploded planet hypothesis; life on Mars
Keywords: asteroids, astronomy, big bang theory, comets, cosmology, exploded planet, meta research, planets, satellites
Listed under: Astronomy, Alternative Welcome To Hm Nautical Almanac Office
Publications, Services and History of HM Nautical Almanac Office
Keywords: almanac, astronomy, daylight moonlight diagram, ephemerides, ephemeris, observers' calendar, the astronomical almanac
Listed under: Nautical Almanac Farmers' Almanac - Weather, Gardening, Best Days, ...
Farmers' Almanac provides free long range weather forecasts, home and garden advice, astronomy and full moon information, natural cures and cooking.
Keywords: astronomy, cooking, downloads, forecasts, full moon, gardening, moon phases, recipes, weather
Listed under: Farmer's Calendar Astronomy-Mall.Com
The sale of hobby related equipment and accessories listed for free.
Listed under: Astronomy International Association Of Astronomical Artists - Space ...
International Association of Astronomical Artists
Keywords: arts, astronomical, astronomy, design, fine-art, illustration, mercury, planet, space, space art, spaceart, stars, venus
Listed under: Thematic Art

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