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Sells field mapping software, Palm Pilots, data loggers, and portable power units. Page includes product details and photos.
Listed under: Software Kraft Foods, Inc.
Find information on the food company's 61 brands by region, investor information, corporate news, management biographies, and career opportunities.
Listed under: Food and Related Products Conagra Foods
Welcome to ConAgra Foods - food you love. Here you can discover more about our brands and our business such as product info, investor information, career opportunities, h...
Listed under: Food and Related Products Pfs - Preserve Food Specialty Co.,Ltd.
Factory specializing in food preservation. Site provides information on the products available and contact details.
Listed under: Food and Related Products Garfield And Other Cartoon Webrings
Webrings of and about Garfield, cartoons, and other animation and comics
Keywords: abu dabi, food, garfield, garfield, jon, jon, lasagna, nermal, nermal, odie, odie, webring, webring
Listed under: Cartoons Scotland Festivals - A Directory Of Scottish ...
Scotland Festivals - A directory of Scottish Festival websites
Keywords: celtic, comedy, edinburgh, festival, festivals, food, music, poetry, scotland, scottish
Listed under: Internet Poppadom's Food Blog
Fed up with throwing food away? Want to save hundreds of pounds on your annual food bill? Oh, and do your bit to save the planet at the same time. Hints and tips to stop...
Keywords: cooking tips, food waste, leftovers, makeovers, poppadom's food blog, shopping techniques, storage techniques
Listed under: Humor Talking Food
A collection of resources to allow communication between people interested in food production and consumption using email, newsgroups, mailing lists, newletters, and chat...
Keywords: communication, consumer, food science, industry, mailing list, newsgroups, newsletters, talking foods, technology
Listed under: Food Science Future Food
Project focusing on the possibility of replacing animal products with other sources of protein. The project covers vegetarian meats, non-dairy milk drinks and egg replac...
Listed under: Food Science Nutrition: Arbor Nutrition Guide
The world's largest catalogue of nutrition resources on the Internet, particularly suited to health professionals.
Keywords: diet, family medicine, family physician, food, food industry, food science, guide, health, medicine, nutrition, nutritional
Listed under: Food Science Good Indian Ethnic Veggie Food ...
a foodies view point describing indian veg food in a simple way
Keywords: cooking, food, india, recipe, vegeterian
Listed under: Brides Keepcomingback: Stories, Videos And Articles ...
Keep Coming Back: Join a community of friends, family and experts, for recovery from: alcohol and drug addiction, eating disorders, compulsive gambling, smoking. Get supp...
Keywords: abuse, addiction, addictions, addictive, alcohol, alcoholism, drug, food, gambling, recovery, rehab, smoking, substance, tobacco, treatment
Listed under: Adoption Yummy In My Tummers!
YUMMY in my TUMMERS is a blog about Kevin's life as observed by his friends that follow him. Kevin loves food and I-phones.
Keywords: big brother, dinner, drink, food, humor, i-phone, life, restaurants, starbucks, switzerland, uk, university
Listed under: Food and Drink Top Ten Slimming Products
All you want to know about the Best Diets and Popular diet Plans. Read Product Reviews and find the Top Ten slimming products. For Healthy Eating, Weight Loss and Weigh...
Keywords: diet programs, diet tips, healthy diet plan, quick weight loss diet, weight loss advice, weight loss system
Listed under: Diets Food Resource [Http://Food.Oregonstate.Edu/], ...
This page is from which generally contains images, links, references, and instructional materials on food and their resource.
Keywords: cooking, food, food quality, food resource, food science, health, nutrition
Listed under: Science Dictionaries

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