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Dozens of math contests for students ages 5-19, listed in chart format with ages, prizes, fees, deadlines, and links. All contests can be entered by individuals, not just...
Keywords: homeschool math, homeschool math contests, math contests, middle school math contests, regional math contests
Listed under: Individuals Numerical Mathematics.
Free Numerical Mathematics software downloads
Keywords: downloads, free, freeware, linear algebra, math, mathematical, mathematics, maths, numerical mathematics, programs, software
Listed under: Math Webcompmath
Tools to build applets visually
Keywords: applets, java
Listed under: Math Mpress: Mathematics Preprint Search System
Mathematics preprint search engine. Includes some European servers not covered elsewhere.
Listed under: Math Publications Geometry Formulas And Facts
An excerpt from the 30th Edition of the CRC Standard Mathematical Tables and Formulas, covering the area of Geometry (minus differential geometry), by Silvio Levy.
Listed under: Math Awesome Library - Social Studies
The Awesome Library organizes 37,000 carefully reviewed K-12 education resources, the top 5 percent for teachers, students, parents, and librarians. It includes a search...
Keywords: current events, directory, k-12 education, k-12 library, lessons, math, mathematics, news, plans, science, social studies
Listed under: Education World Of Mathematics
Information services for academic and industrial research. Access to MATH Database (Zentralblatt für Mathematik), International Reviews on Mathematical Education (Zentral...
Listed under: Mathematics Mathematical Errata
A growing collection of mathematical errata, corrections, and addenda to textbooks, monographs, and journal articles.
Keywords: addenda, addendum, correction, corrections, errata, erratum, geometry, math, mathematical, mathematics, topology
Listed under: Mathematics Materials Science Modeling
Project at NIST, Applied and Computational Mathematics Division, US gov. institute.
Listed under: Rheology Homological Methods In Mathematical Physics
These lecture notes by Joseph Krasil'shchik and Alexander Verbovetsky are a systematic and self-contained exposition of the cohomological theories naturally related to pa...
Listed under: Mathematical Physics Oomph-Lib
An object-oriented open-source finite-element library for the simulation of multi-physics problems. Introduction, download, documentation and example usage.
Listed under: Computational Purity Tests
28 checkbox purity tests for a variety of subjects.
Keywords: corrupt, electrical, engineering, geek, hacker, math, mtrek, multi, multitrek, nerd, pure, purity, pyro, pyrotechnic, score, test, tests, trek
Listed under: Purity Tests Mathematics Of Spirituality
A series six papers together formulate a mathematical theory of spirituality based on Advaita Vedanta. Access to the papers is possible through links in this website. A h...
Keywords: mystery of time, mystery of time, neuroscience, neuroscience, relativity physics, relativity physics, science, vedanta
Listed under: Advaita Vedanta Informath&Mdash;Douglas J. Keenan
Informath is a web site of Douglas J. Keenan
Keywords: doug keenan, douglas keenan
Listed under: Radiocarbon Dating Nebraska Conference For Undergraduate Women In ...
nnual conference giving undergraduate women the opportunity to discuss their own research and to meet other women who share their interest in the mathematical sciences. N...
Listed under: Women

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