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Your online source for everything Military: Military News, pay, benefits, photos, videos, discussions, blogs and military discounts
Keywords: , benefits money careers & education, community, entertainment, marketplace, military news, military news benefits, off duty
Listed under: Military Boardgameplayer.Com
Plays card and board games. Includes a news archive
Keywords: algebra, classes, got, linear, logic, math, mathematics, matrix, probability, proofs, school, test, time, ucf, week
Listed under: Game Play Groups Timeline Of The Holocaust
Comprehensive timeline illustrates the sequence of events surrounding the Holocaust, between 1919 and 1946. Images are added to lend an additional emotional edge to the s...
Keywords: adolf hitler, hitler, holocaust, holocaust timeline, the german workers party, the holocaust, timeline of the holocaust
Listed under: Timelines Atomic Structure Timeline
Presents the history of discoveries about the structure of matter. Created by Lee Buescher, Science Department, Watertown High School, Watertown, Wisconsin.
Listed under: History Lunar Calendars And Eclipse Finder
Windows software to calculate the phase of the Moon at any given date and time, to search for eclipses (lunar, solar, total, annual and umbral). Is also lunar calendar...
Keywords: calendar, conversion, convert, cycle, date, eclipse, finder, julian, lunar, moon, new, phase, search, software, solar, time
Listed under: Software Earn Your Degree
Improve your degree marks and have an easier time at University!
Keywords: an, at, degree, easier, have, improve, marks, time, your
Listed under: How To Study Unbelivevable Source Of Paranormal Information
The UFO Directory of the Best Sites on the web.
Keywords: albert, einstein, extra-terrestrials, john huchenson, nicola, psychic, space, tesla, time, ufo, von neumann, wilhelm reich
Listed under: The Philadelphia Experiment Fortean Times Magazine | Weird News | Strange ...
Fortean Times Magazine the world of strange phenomena featuring weird news, strange pictures, videos, books, film reviews and more
Keywords: blogs, books, fortean times magazine, forums, strange pictures, weird news, weird videos
Listed under: Magazines and E-zines Philosophy And Time
Innovation and Excellence in Time Technology. Where history is becoming an experimental science!
Keywords: anderson, control, institute, time, time
Listed under: Philosophy of Time Philosophy Of Time Society Forum
Members of the Society are invited to post messages and comment on posts.
Listed under: Philosophy of Time International Standard Date And Time Notation
International Standard ISO 8601 specifies numeric representations of date and time. It helps to avoid confusion caused by the many different national notations.
Keywords: calendar, clock, date format, daylight saving time, iso 8601, standard notation, summer time, time format, time zones
Listed under: ISO 8601 Nmah | On Time | Home
The Smithsonian Institute's exhibition on the changing ways we have measured, used, and thought about time over the past three hundred years.
Listed under: Horology Time Zone. International Time Zones
time zone, time zones, world, international
Keywords: international, time difference, time zone, time zones, world
Listed under: Current Time Atomic Clock Time
Displayed in a variety of useful formats. Site is a front-end to U.S. government atomic clocks.
Listed under: Current Time American Time Zones
Displays a map of the main parts of the United States, showing the time zones and the current local time. Time details for most US cities available.
Listed under: Current Time

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