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The web site is a non-profit encyclopaedic source of information about Impressionism and other art movements of the mid-end of the 19th century. It contains a lot of pictures along with information about artists and art periods.
Keyword: Post-Impressionism
Post-Impressionism: List of artists and index to where their art can be viewed at art museums worldwide.
Keyword: artists , paintings , post-impressionism , post-impressionism Impressionism - Art Style
Impressionism - Kids learn about Impressionism an art style which began early in the 1860s
Keyword: art style , degas , french artists , impressionism , impressionist art , manet , monet , pissarro , renoir Impressionism - Impressionism Art
Impressionism - Impressionism Paintings and Art History study of the movement, Artists, Oil Paintings, Images, connection to other Movements and Art resources.
Keyword: art , art history , artist , artists , images , impressionism , impressionistic paintings , movement , movements , oil paintings Modern Art Movements - Artelino
artelino - Modern art movements of the 19th and 20th century.
Keyword: abstract , abstract art , art , art deco , art nouveau , cubism , impressionism , modern art , modern art movements , op art , pop art Cutter & Cutter Art Galleries: News &Amp; Events
Cutter and Cutter galleries of St. Augustine, Fl, presents fine original art and giclees by the world's leading artists including Don Dahlke, Leonard Wren, M & I Garmash, Frederick Hart, Dr. Seuss, Matt Cutter, Stephen Shortridge, Pino, Tuan, Anne Packard,
Keyword: abstract , art , fine art , frederick hart , impressionism , original oils , originals , paintings , pino , romantic , royo

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