newton Directory General Relativity Simulation Contest
Page contains a contest to write a program which uses General Relativity. A second contest is included to use any Theory.
Keyword: autodynamics , general relativity , harmonics theory , newton's law , physics , post-relativistic gravity , special relativity Separating God From Religion
Religions are simply the outgrowth of ancient myths and dogmas handed down from generation to generation and formalized into faiths, rituals and traditions. They are tremendously powerful influences that control and guide the lives of billions of people in
Keyword: archimedes princple , creativity , human imagination , humanity , humankind , mankind , mind of mankind , myths , newton , spiritual The Math Forum: Mathematical Figures By Robert M. Dickau
Fractals and combinatorics diagrams created using Mathematica.
Keyword: bell , catalan , chaos , combinatorics , delannoy , fractals , julia , lozi , mandelbrot , mathematica , motzkin , newton , sierpinski , stirling

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