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ftir-spectrometer.com: Arcoptix | Ftir And Ir Spectrometer
ARCoptix specializes in the realization of optical systems In particular the development of FTIR and IR spectrometer.
Keyword: ftir spectrometer , infrared , ir spectrometer , ir spectrometer , nir spectrometer , spectroscopy

spectroscopyonline.findanalytichem.com: Spectroscopy - The Online Source For Materials Analysis And Modern ...
Spectroscopy Magazine Online provides practical advice about modern spectroscopic techniques and instrumentation to solve real-world problems in diverse physical and life science disciplines.
Keyword: fluorescence spectroscopy , ftir spectroscopy , nmr spectroscopy , raman spectroscopy , spectroscopy , spectroscopy magazine

lipidlibrary.aocs.org: Nmr Spectroscopy Of Fatty Acids And Their Derivatives
NMR spectroscopy of fatty acids and their derivatives
Keyword: acids , fatty , nmr , spectroscopy , their

chem.ps.uci.edu: Gas Hydrates
Information from the Janda lab on clathrate hydrates, an ubiquitous class of crystalline inclusion compounds with nonstoichiometric composition, consisting of guest molecules trapped in a lattice of polyhedral water cages.
Keyword: bromine hydrate , ice , polymorphism , raman spectroscopy , resonance raman , single crystals , uv-visible absorption , water

abc.chemistry.bsu.by: Eis Spectrum Analyser
Freeware for impedance spectra analysis and simulation
Keyword: analysis , bode plot , eis , equivalent circuit , freeware , impedance data , nyquist , program , simulation , spectroscopy

bmrb.wisc.edu: Bmrb - Biological Magnetic Resonance Bank
A repository for data from NMR Spectroscopy
Keyword: nmr database , nmr spectroscopy , nuclear magnetic resonance

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