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openofficebeginners.blogspot.com: Openoffice Help
Practical Tutorials on OpenOffice.org modules, showing techniques that can be used again and again for your own projects. It is written to take you through the informed steps to create the project in hand.
Keyword: calc writer , mileage spreadsheet , openoffice.org , tutorials

spreadableideas.blogspot.com: Pastica "Spreadable Ideas"
Pastica, pronounced "PAS-TEE-KA", spanish word for any spread, dip, paste to be used on a cracker, sandwhich, chip, vegetable or any type of food used to dip, taste or spread.
Keyword: deviled ham spread , dips , ham dip , pastica , pastica de bocaditos , pastica de jamon , spreads , spreads and dips

pasticadejamon.blogspot.com: Pastica De Jamon
Pastica is pronounced "Pas-Tee-Kaa" and it is spanish for "dip" "spread", and defined as: a mixture for dipping food into: a creamy mixture into which pieces of food can be dipped, often served with crackers or chips.
Keyword: dipping sauce , dips , pastica , pastica de jamon , spreads , spreads and dips

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