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defense-update.com: Defense-Update.Com Technology,
Defense Update International is an online defense news magazine covering modern aerospace and defense technology from the defense industry worldwide. Defense Update includes current news, reviews of new products, trade events, exhibitions, airshows, trades
Keyword: aerospace , defence news , defence update , defense news , defense update , industry , military , news , technology , weapons

jnanam.net: Bhaarata-Shastra :
resources for antique and modern Indian, Nepali, and other Indo-Subcontinental Arms & Armour
Keyword: bharat , dagger , gorkha , gurka , gurkha , india , katar , kattar , khukuri , knife , knives , kukri , militaria , shastra , sword , weapons

thebulletin.org: It Is 6 Minutes To Midnight | Bulletin Of The Atomic Scientists
The Bulletin informs the public and influences policy through in-depth analysis, op-eds, and reports on nuclear weapons, climate change, nuclear energy, and biosecurity.
Keyword: biosecurity , climate change , doomsday clock , life sciences , nuclear energy , nuclear weapons

juws.janes.com: Jane's Underwater Warfare Systems
Jane's, Jane's Underwater Warfare Systems is a comprehensive guide to underwater weapons and technology
Keyword: anti-submarine , jane's , jane's underwater warfare systems , radar , submarine , technology , under , underwater weapons , water

terrorismfiles.org: Terrorismfiles.Org : Welcome
Latest news and information on terrorism, terrorist activities, terrorist organizations, attacks and on Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban.
Keyword: terrorism , terrorism , terrorist , terrorist organisation , terrorist organization , wdm , weapons of mass destruction

baranovfamily.org: Special Services Against The Ordinary People
Social aspects and technical details of covert use of narcotics, toxins, chemical and biological weapons by special services against peaceful population for behavior modification.
Keyword: behavior modification , biological weapons , chemical weapons , fsb , intelligence , kgb , narcotics , special services , terrorism

petitiononline.com: Abolish Nuclear Weapons Petition
Petition to all nuclear powers.
Keyword: abolish nuclear weapons , all nuclear powers , petition , proposition one committee , proposition one committee

jnbc.janes.com: Jane's Nuclear Biological And Chemical Defence
Jane's Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defence focuses on the offensive NBC capability of a hundred nations and reviews a thousand key defensive CBRN products.
Keyword: biological , chemical , chemical weapons , defence , jane's nuclear biological and chemical defence , nbc , nuclear

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