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Time-lines of thermodynamics, electromagnetism, and symmetry. With links to other time-lines and resources.
Listed under: Philosophy of Physics A Concise History Of Thermodynamics
Excerpt from a biography of Gibbs, and a translation of Carnot's 1824 paper.
Listed under: History Scitech Daily Review - Science, News, Technology, ...
An updated review of science and technology news - the latest trends, breakthroughs, reviews, analysis and information.
Keywords: analysis, arts, biography, books, culture, developments, digest, future, history, implications, innovations, reviews, science, technology
Listed under: Technology Southern Decadence Grand Marshals
A Listing of the Grand Marshals of Southern Decadence from 1974 until Present
Keywords: events, gay, grand marshal, grand marshall, history, southern decadance, southern decadence
Listed under: Transgendered Ancient Egyptian Culture
This exhibit has information on the culture of ancient Egypt including that on architecture, art, hieroglyphics, the daily life of ancient Egyptians, military and maps.
Keywords: anthropology, architectures, cultures, daily life, egypt, egyptology, hieroglyphics, mankato, military, politics, sphinx
Listed under: Spiritual Beings Islam Religion
Join us while we investigate the foundations of our own Humanity, according to the teachings of the prominent scholar of Afghanistan, Mawlana Faizani. He has written a se...
Keywords: allah, god general, history, islam religion, islam way, islamway, muslim beliefs, quran sufism, the islamic way to god
Listed under: People Jain History
Articles on the history of Jainism with a discussion group for those interested in related subjects.
Listed under: Jainism Bible World History
A chronological view of world history from Creation through until the sacking of Jerusalem in AD 70
Keywords: bible, biblical, christian, chronological, chronology, history, timeline, world
Listed under: History Philosophy Of History (Stanford Encyclopedia Of ...
Extensive article covering various aspects of the philosophy of history.
Listed under: Philosophy of History Big Bang Philosophy
Site dedicated to the exchange of ideas about the philosophy of Big Bang. With a questions and answers section.
Keywords: big bang, destiny, ethics, evolution, future, history, hope, humanity, infinity, philosophy, progress, space, time, unity, universe
Listed under: Metaphysics History Of Philosophy
A very large, diverse collection of essays addressing many philosophical, historical, scientific, religious, economic, legal, and political issues. Edited by Kelley L. Ro...
Listed under: History of Philosophy .:: Welcome To The Web-Based Configurator::.
Listings of wide range of historians and philosophers categorized chronologically.
Listed under: Philosophers Glbt History
Maintains one of the world’s largest collections of primary source material about gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender history.
Listed under: Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Damn Interesting &Bull; Feral Children
Damn Interesting was founded, designed, and developed by Alan Bellows in September of 2005.
Keywords: damn, fascinating, history, interesting, intriguing, non-fiction, science, stories, true
Listed under: Feral Children Great Buildings Online - Master Architects List ...
The complete Architects list of Great Buildings Online, the multimedia encyclopedia of world architecture.
Keywords: architects, architecture, art, builders, buildings, designers, engineers, famous, great, history, interior, landscape, master, structural
Listed under: Architects

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