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Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers.
Keywords: creation, department of labor, dol, founder of labor day, history, labor day, peter j. mcguire, samuel gompers
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Explore the history of Kwanzaa, a holiday created in 1966 to bring African-American communities together that includes aspects of various harvest celebrations.
Keywords: african american holiday, culture, holiday, kwanzaa
Listed under: Kwanzaa Channel 4 - History - The Gunpowder Plot
From ancient Britons to 20th Century conflict, get a different angle on history from Channel 4's History section.
Keywords: 4, channel
Listed under: Guy Fawkes Day History Of The Fourth | A Capitol Fourth | Pbs
The history of celebrating Independence Day began in Philadelphia in 1776 with bonfires, bells and fireworks. The custom eventually spread to other towns throughout the n...
Keywords: 1776, declaration of independence, second continental congress, taxation without representation
Listed under: Fourth of July The Exploration Of The Earth's Magnetosphere"
Home page of a detailed non-mathematical introduction to the research on the Earth's magnetic environment in space and its history. Contains master directory of more than...
Keywords: aurora, course, history, magnetic field, magnetic field lines, magnetosphere, overview, satellites, space, spanish
Listed under: Earth Sciences Black History Month Association
The Black History Month Association is a society dedicated to the development and popularization of African Heritage Month, concentrated in- but not limited to-the Halifa...
Keywords: association, black, halifax, history, nova scotia
Listed under: Black History Month Celebrate Black History Month & People
Discover more on Black History with timelines, trivia, famous African American biographies, and more as celebrates Black History Month
Keywords: african american history, black history, black history 2010, black history facts, black history month, black history people
Listed under: Black History Month 400 Years Of "De Magnete"
Historical review of geomagnetism, from the discovery of the compass to plate tectonics and space observations. Also has instructions for teachers, glossary, and FAQ.
Keywords: compass, course, de magnete, dip needle, geomagnetism, german, history, lodestone, spanish, terrella, william gilbert
Listed under: Geophysics Historymole Timeline: History Through Historical ...
History Through Timelines by Searchable historical themes and world events from the last two thousand years.
Keywords: dates, day, event, events, historic, historical, history, national, online, research, resources, timeline, timelines, year
Listed under: Timelines History Timelines And Articles - History Explorer
History Explorer. World History Timelines and Articles.
Keywords: ancient history, explorer, history, history explorer, jazz history, medieval, prehistory, timeline
Listed under: Timelines History And Theory
Journal offering articles, book summaries, and review essays on critical and speculative philosophy of history, historiography, historical methodology, critical theory, a...
Listed under: Philosophy of History Today In History - Brainyhistory
Today in History. Find out what happened on this day in history. Events, birthdays, and notable passings are all listed for each day of the year
Listed under: On This Day in History Today In History - Ambit's Portal To The Past
Ambit's Today In History: A forced remembrance of the crucial, and trivial, people and events that have painted the canvass of human achievement.
Keywords: ambit, history, today, web waystation
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Home Page of the History in Film web site. This site is designed to support teaching history using popular films. It has complete units with plot summaries, outlines, vo...
Keywords: 3rd army, civil war, d day, film, history in film, movie, movie posters, pow, rome, vietnam, war, ww i, ww ii
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Extensive Web site focusing primarily on how newspapers and the press covered major, and not so major, events in American history. Also information for newspaper collecto...
Keywords: abraham lincoln, american history, assassination, coverage, historic, john wilkes booth, media, newspapers
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