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xray sony photography, infrared videos, x-ray videos, infrared filters
Keywords: filming, filters, ghost, infrared, infrared video, nightshot, paranormal, photography, xray, x-ray
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Encyklopedi med tusentals uppslagsord för paranormala fenomen, parapsykologi och ockultism.
Listed under: Samhälle Memphis Ghost Hunters®
Memphis Ghost Hunters® are featured experts on The Travel Channel, Fine Living Channel and BBC America, and unlike competitors, All of our services are FREE, and our...
Keywords: cemetery, ferrell, gay, ghost, ghosthunt, ghosthunters, ghosts, haunted, kifer, memphis, mississippi, paranormal, tennessee
Listed under: Society and Culture Memphis Ghost Hunters
Memphis Ghost Hunters® are featured experts on The Travel Channel, Fine Living Channel and BBC America, and unlike competitors, All of our services are FREE! Our investi...
Keywords: cemetery, ghost, ghosthunt, ghosthunters, ghosts, haunted, haunting, kifer, memphis, mississippi, paranormal, tennessee
Listed under: Paranormal Anomalies -- The Strange & Unexplained
Explore the true history of many well-known paranormal people and events!
Keywords: metaphysics, mystery, occult, paranormal, supernatural
Listed under: Anomalous People The Original Ghost Tours Of Key West:
Take a lantern-led stroll through historic Old Town's haunted places.
Keywords: florida keys, ghost book, ghost sitings, ghost tour, ghost tours, key west, paranormal, tour guides, walking tour
Listed under: Travel Bluegrass Paranormal Observers
Group of paranormal investigators aims to explore several areas that are believed to have paranormal phenomena. Photographs and other "haunting evidences" presented.
Listed under: Personal Pages Cambridge Paranormal Research Society
Cambridge Paranormal Society's main aim is the objective research of any cases of unexplainable phenomena that is not within the range of normal experience or current sci...
Keywords: ghosts, haunting, mysteries, orbs, paranormal, phenomena, poltergiest, research, spirits, spooky, supernatural, unexplained
Listed under: Organizations The Atlantic Paranormal Society ...
Group dedicated to capturing evidences of paranormal activities. Aims to comfort those in fear and uncertainty by providing information on the possible causes of controve...
Listed under: Organizations The Anomalist:
The Anomalist is a daily review of world news on maverick science, unexplained mysteries, unorthodox theories, and unexpected discoveries.
Keywords: aliens, anomalies, anomalist, bigfoot, charles fort, flying saucers, high strangeness, paranormal, the anomalist, ufos
Listed under: News and Media Paraseek.Com - The Paranormal Search Engine
Paranormal search engine, updates, sightings, ghosts, ufo, coverups, etc
Keywords: 2012, ghost, ghosts, paranormal, search engine, sightings, ufo
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Find out more about Parapsychology, Paranormal, Unusual and Supernatural Phenomena from this easy to follow A to Z index site.
Keywords: a to z paranormal, a to z supernatural, a z paranormal, paranormal, paranormal dictionary, supernatural & unusual phenomena
Listed under: Directories The Paranormal Forums &Bull; Index Page
Collection of message boards for discussion on all paranormal related topics from ancient civilizations, to urban legends.
Listed under: Chats and Forums Skeptical Investigations - Homepage
genuine skepticism, enquiry and doubt within science, open-minded investigation of unexplained phenomena, dogmatic assumptions, examination of skeptic claims
Keywords: dogmatism, dogmatist, investigation into skepticism in science, medicine, paranormal, phenomena, science, skeptic
Listed under: Skeptical Inquiry Paranormal Research Organization (P.R.O.)
Supporting the serious and knowledgeable paranormal field researchers and investigators, while providing educational resources for the snowballing number of well-meaning,...
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