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The spirit of a human being is thus the animating, sensitive or vital principle in that individual, similar to the soul taken to be the seat of the mental,
Listed under: Spiritual Beings Best Spirituality . Com
Spiritual portal with quotes, books, blogs, etc.
Keywords: books, quotations, quotes, spiritual, spirituality
Listed under: Quotations Center For Sacred Sciences
Exploring the mystical traditions, their universal principles, and their compatibility with modern science.
Keywords: inquiry, meditation, mysticism, mystics, spirit, spirituality
Listed under: Mysticism Spiritual Revolution
Covers the world of spirituality and meditation discussing topics such as meditation, yoga, mystic masters, and mantra chanting.
Listed under: Meditation Nudity And Sex In Faith And Ritual - Nudism / ...
A celebration of spirit and natural states of being. From sex magic to ritual nudity, the Journal discusses all aspects of nude spirituality.
Keywords: nudity, spirituality
Listed under: Gender and Sexuality All Things Spiritual Directory
A searchable directory of thousands of spiritual and religious websites. Includes all major topic areas relating to spirituality and religion, as well as forums, polls, b...
Keywords: directories, directory, religion, religious directories, spiritual directories, spirituality, spirituality topics
Listed under: Directories 1 Spirit, A Spiritual Directory Of People, Places, ...
Spiritual Directory of People, Places, Products & Services. Find many sites of spiritual teachers, healers, workshop leaders; free newsletter; products and tools for tran...
Listed under: Directories Buddhist Writings Selected By Allspirit
Selected Buddhist writings, including Four Noble Truths, Noble Eightfold Path and writings from Thich Nhat Hanh, Dalai Lama, Lama Surya Das and many more.
Keywords: ajahn chah, ajahn sumedho, dalai lama, enlightenment, lama surya das, mahamudra, theravada, thich nhat hanh, zen
Listed under: Buddhism Mathematics Of Spirituality
A series six papers together formulate a mathematical theory of spirituality based on Advaita Vedanta. Access to the papers is possible through links in this website. A h...
Keywords: mystery of time, mystery of time, neuroscience, neuroscience, relativity physics, relativity physics, science, vedanta
Listed under: Advaita Vedanta Reverend Leo Booth - Creating Healthy Spirituality, ...
Reverend Leo Booth's passion is to help people discover that God and spirituality are found within ourselves and our world. Offering advice in all forms of addiction and...
Keywords: action, addictions, china, disorders, fatherleo, reverend leo, reverend leo booth, spirit, spiritual concepts, spirituality
Listed under: Support Groups The Phenomena Of Death By L. Ron Hubbard
It has only been in Scientology that the mechanics of death have been thoroughly understood. Hitherto, the whole subject of death has been one of the more mysterious subj...
Keywords: dianetics original thesis, hubbard, human soul, l. ron hubbard, rediscovery, ron, scientology, scientology life, spirit
Listed under: Reincarnation The Broken Spirits Network
Support group and online community offers helps for past, present, possible victims of sexual, physical, and domestic abuse.
Listed under: Domestic Violence Kokoda Track And Adventure Tours
An adventure tour with Kokoda Spirit across the Kokoda Track is an experience not just a holiday. We see things as an explorer, historian and adventurer.
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The ONE STOP ONLINE SHOP for TOP Rated SPIRITUALITY and ALTERNATIVE BELIEFS Digital Products (EBooks/Programs/Software/Videos).
Keywords: astrology, general, hypnosis, numerology, paranormal, psychics, religion, tarot
Listed under: Spiritualism Inside Cheerleading Magazine
Inside Cheerleading is the all-new, all-access features magazine for today’s cheerleader. Profiles, Interviews, Photos, Try-out Tips, Style Segments, Scholarship In...
Keywords: cheer, cheerleader, cheerleading, cheerleading competitions, cheerleading gifts, cheerleading uniforms, spirit, varsity
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